A/C Installation

Affordable Installation

Installing a new air conditioning system is a serious step towards home improvement and air quality. It is key that the right decisions be made, especially when choosing the correct type of air conditioning equipment. Nature Air Corp understands that the most important part of the air conditioner installation process is the first one - customization.

When matched with the right air conditioning system, customers can save serious money on cooling costs, ac repairs and even on air conditioner installation. That's why our air conditioner technicians take the time to learn about the air conditioners they sell before they install them. Replacing an existing system can be a big investment, but it is often a wise investment.

What Does Residential Installation Include?

Payment Process

  1. Outdoor Condensing Unit installed on the Ground on existing concrete pad (roof-top installation at additional cost)

  2. Indoor Air Handler Unit installed vertically in closet or garage on existing stand (attic installation at additional cost)

  3. Float Switch Water Sensor

  4. Drain Pan (only for horizontal air handler installations)

  5. Basic 1H/1C Non-programmable Digital Thermostat (upgrade at additional cost)

  6. Basic 5kw Electric Heat Strip (upgrade at additional cost)

  7. Hurricane Condenser Tie-Down Kit

  8. Use Existing Refrigerant Lines (new at additional cost)

  9. Use Existing Concrete Pad or Roof-rack (new at additional cost)

  10. Use Existing Air Handler Stand (new at additional cost)

  11. Use Existing Duct-work (new duct drops at additional cost)

  12. Use Existing Electrical Whip (new at additional cost)

  13. Use Existing Electrical Disconnect Box (new at additional cost)

  14. A/C Inspection

  15. Permit (at additional cost)