American Standard 2.5 Ton 16.5 SEER Air Conditioner System 4A7A6030J1000A-TEM6A0B30H21SA

American Standard
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Air Handler Closet/Garage Vertical Installation Air Handler Attic Horizontal Installation


A/C Installation

Affordable Installation

Installing a new air conditioning system is a serious step towards home improvement, energy-efficiency, and air quality. It is key that the right decisions be made, especially when choosing the correct type of air conditioning system. We understand that the most important part of the selection process is your budget and needs.

Customers can save serious money on cooling costs, repairs, and even on the installation itself when the right factors are considered while selecting a brand new system. That's why our qualified technicians take the time to learn about the air conditioners they sell, financing options, and extended warranties available before they install them. Its true, replacing your existing air conditioning system can be a big investment, but its often a wise investment. Remember, we make installation affordable!

What Does Installation Include?

Payment Process
  1. Outdoor Condensing Unit installed on the Ground on existing concrete pad (roof-top installation at additional cost)
  2. Indoor Air Handler Unit installed vertically in closet or garage on existing stand (attic installation at additional cost)
  3. Float Switch Water Sensor
  4. Drain Pan (required only for horizontal air handler installations)
  5. Basic 1H/1C Non-Programmable Digital Thermostat (upgradable)
  6. Basic 5kw Heater (upgradable)
  7. Hurricane Condenser Tie-Down Kit
  8. Existing Refrigerant Lines (new at additional cost)
  9. Existing Concrete Pad or Roof-rack (new at additional cost)
  10. Existing Air Handler Stand (new at additional cost)
  11. Existing Ductwork (new duct drops at additional cost)
  12. Existing Electrical Whip (new at additional cost)
  13. Existing Electrical Disconnect (new at additional cost)
  14. A/C Inspection (permit at additional cost)


American Standard
Efficiency Rating:
208-230 Volt 1-Phase
Refrigerant Line Set:
3/8 LL x 3/4 SL
Nominal Capacity:
2.5 Ton
Air Handler Model:
Air Handler Dimensions:
21.1 D x 18.5 W x 46.7 H
Air Filter Size:
18 x 20 x 1
Condenser Dimensions:
34 D x 37 W x 33 H
Condenser Model:
Compressor Warranty:
10 Years
Parts Warranty:
10 Years
Labor Warranty:
1 Year
Unit Type:
Split System


PDF Resources

American Standard 4A7A6030J1000A Air Conditioner Spec Sheet (4a7a6060-american-standard-specs.pdf, 1,159 Kb) [Download]

American Standard 4A7A6030J1000A Air Conditioner Brochure (4a7a-american-standard-brochure.pdf, 10,247 Kb) [Download]

American Standard TEM6A0B30H21SA Air Handler Spec Sheet (tem-american-standard-air-handler-specs.pdf, 1,267 Kb) [Download]

American Standard TEM6A0B30H21SA Air Handler Brochure (tem-american-standard-air-handler-brochure.pdf, 1,010 Kb) [Download]


All equipment installed comes with the manufacturer's warranty for compressor and parts (for manufacturer's warranty, please see the Specifications Tab). As a bonus, a 1-Year Labor Warranty is also included with the installation by Nature Air Corp. 1-Year Labor Warranty covers any labor related to faulty parts in the equipment. We will replace any faulty parts under manufacturer's warranty at no cost. It does not include problems related to lack of equipment maintenance such as: (Dirty Filter, Drain Clogs, Pre-Existing Conditions, Under-sized Ductwork, Electrical Surges or Malfunctions or Improper Wiring, etc.)